Feeding Therapy

Feeding Therapy Programs are designed to help manage or overcome common feeding difficulties in children with disabilities, particularly children with autism spectrum disorders. Feeding difficulties can include: gagging and vomiting; refusing to eat food categories; eating only specific foods; overstuffing the mouth; tolerating only specific brands; and swallowing difficulties.

We provide comprehensive multidisciplinary feeding evaluations with a psychologist, speech-language pathologist, and an occupational therapist.

During therapy, children are encouraged to interact with foods in a non-threatening environment. They learn to trust people with food (their usual experience is for someone to try to get it in their mouth) and they learn how to interact with foods gradually (first seeing, then touching, then tasting, with the ultimate goal of eating). Foods are presented in a specific hierarchy, where each food is linked to the previous food by at least one characteristic (color, shape, flavor).

Feeding evaluations are provided for children of all ages. Treatment is recommended on the individual needs of the child, not based on age. Services can vary in frequency and composition.

Locations: This program is currently offered in our Fraser Minneapolis, Fraser Eagan, Fraser Eden Prairie, and Fraser Richfield locations.

Payment/Funding: All major commercial health insurance plans, Medical Assistance and private pay are accepted. We are also able to provide limited services for uninsured Hennepin County residents. Clients may have financial responsibility for co-pays or deductibles. We encourage you to call your insurance company to find out what your benefits are for the services Fraser has recommended.

Call 612-767-7222 to register.

Success story

Overcoming Feeding Issues

“As a parent, you lose perspective on what is normal," Jenny said. "Fraser and Letty Faller are really leading the way on these issues. Her help was lifesaving, not just for Solvej, but for me.”

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