Support Planning

Fraser Support Planning (formerly Flexible Case Management) services include an individualized assessment of client and family needs; identification of resources; facilitation of communication with other agencies; and assistance in gaining access to services and support.

Support is also provided to families managing their own waivers under the Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) option.

This program is open to people of all ages.

Support Planning includes:

  • Assistance with the annual Community Support Plan, Health & Safety Plan, and other CDCS participation requirements
  • Development of a Behavior Support Plan
  • Staffing assistance, including creating job description, recruiting and advertising
  • Identification of staff or caregiver training options
  • Resources and service identification (respite, therapy, etc.)
  • Assistance with forms and paperwork, monitoring of expenses
  • Research and coordination of approvable purchases (i.e. sensory equipment)
  • Attendance at waiver service provider meetings as requested
  • Tour possible DT&H facilities, day programs, group homes, housing options, etc.
  • Research and assistance with accessibility/modification needs
  • Monthly home visits available

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