Connect For Rec (Children)

Reopening July 16!

Connect for Rec (Children) is a respite care program with an opportunity for children to make social connections through recreation in a safe, interactive group setting. The program inclusively meets the unique needs of participating children and youth (ages 5-12), and provides a weekend break for the primary caregivers.

The program is offered two Saturdays a month at Fraser Bloomington (9 a.m.-3 p.m.).

Program highlights:

  • Individualized support to meet sensory, communication and behavior needs
  • Opportunities for social skill development and peer interaction
  • Structured daily schedule with visual supports (as needed)
  • Community integration opportunities (field trips)

To register, call 612-767-5180.

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Success story

Support In The Home

"Pablo’s DSP comes on the weekends to give me a break. She works with him on developing his math and reading skills, and works with him on fine motor skills," Pablo's mother said. "Pablo often impresses people with what he can do."

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