Fraser School Two-Week Observation Period

Fraser School is an inclusive early childhood environment serving children of all abilities. While we serve children of all abilities, we may not be the appropriate environment for every child.

Some of the skills that are needed for success at Fraser School are:

  • ability to safely participate in a group setting with other children.
  • ability to safely transition throughout the school.
  • ability to safely accept help from adults when needed.
  • ability to function within the adult:child ratios that are provided*

* Adult:child ratios vary depending upon age and the size of the classroom. If individual assistance is needed on a regular basis, options can be explored to provide that additional assistance.

To help facilitate your child’s transition to Fraser School, we have a policy of holding an observation period. For the first two weeks of enrollment, we will observe your child’s transition to our school, including his/her comfort level and how well he/she is adapting to the classroom environment.

After the initial two-week period, staff may hold a meeting with you to discuss the transition. Possible outcomes include:

  • Your child is doing well and the transition is going smoothly. Nothing further needs to be addressed.
  • Your child may need occasional supports to be successful in the program. Together, we may determine if additional adaptations or modifications may be necessary and make the appropriate referrals. Together, we may also determine that another classroom may be a better environment and talk about a possible transition.
  • Your child needs consistent supports to be successful in the program. Together, we will determine if the school is the appropriate setting for your child’s needs and abilities. If we decide that another placement is more appropriate, staff will work with you to make the needed referrals and recommend additional resources. If this is the determination, your enrollment fee and deposit will be applied to the tuition for the two week period. All other tuition that has been paid will be applied to the tuition balance. Any remaining money that has been paid will be refunded.

Together, we can provide a community of learners that respect each individual’s abilities and uniqueness.

Success story

We're All Together

“It’s great that our kids are exposed to people that are not like them,” Andy said. “At Fraser, the message is that everybody’s different, and we’re all together. Fraser makes all children feel special everyday.”

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