Early Beginnings

Fraser Early Beginnings is an interactive, play based therapy to support parents who have concerns about their young child’s (12-48 months old) development. Children are recommended into the program based on a clinician’s evaluation.

Experienced clinicians provide parent coaching, with developmentally tailored strategies to support the child’s communication, play and social engagement.

Sessions are weekly, with a parent or caregiver involved, and include a structured curriculum as well as techniques to implement into daily living. The “An Early Start for Your Young Child with Autism” book is provided to parents and used to guide sessions.

Evidence shows early intervention can result in dramatically positive outcomes.

This 12 week program will focus on building the parent and child relationship, providing parent support and guidance. Strategies are provided to parents to implement into the family’s daily routines. Clinician’s will support families to identify the appropriate next steps based on the child’s individual strengths and needs following completion of the program.


  • Anoka
  • Eagan
  • Eden Prairie
  • Minneapolis
  • Richfield

For more information, contact a Fraser intake coordinator at 612-767-7222.

Success Story

Building His Skills Over Time

"It took time, it's not like in one session the world changes, but he learned skills over a few years that laid the foundation for him to build on. To see him being ready to go a big public high school that he picked...it's really fantastic."

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