Career Planning and Employment

Career Planning and Employment is a set of specialized services for work or college-bound adults with executive function challenges, including those on the autism spectrum. Career Planning and Employment is a component of Fraser Adult Transition Services, which has expanded to provide services to those with FASD. Each Fraser client will start with the Employment Intake Assessment, and develop an individualized profile and a customized support plan. These tools can enhance career and employment outcomes.

Strength Based Approach

Fraser creates a profile for each person that outlines strengths, learning preferences and support needs.

Personalized Skill Instruction

Fraser helps each person create tools for success in small group or individual settings. Resume, cover letter, elevator speech, interview practice, social coaching, and more, all based on your learning style and readiness.

Experienced and Talented Staff

Fraser professionals have expertise in workforce development for persons with executive functioning challenges. We will help you create an action plan to guide you as you enter the world of higher education or employment.

Services include:

  • Vocational Courses: Various courses to enhance employability
  • Individual Consults: One-on-one coaching to work through roadblocks
  • Job Shadowing: Learn more about your field of interest directly from working professionals
  • Job Coaching: Individualized on-the-job support and training
  • Higher Education Coaching: Supports for college students
  • Self-Employment Supports: Explore owning your own business and receive assistance to develop a business plan
  • Placement and Retention Services: Employment search, placement, and retention assistance
  • Situational Assessments: Paid job experience with assessment of skills
  • Discovery Process: Discovering employment and career options through investigation and feedback

For Employers: Check out tips and resources for hiring individuals with autism through our series of video interviews, along with downloadable tips to help you find the person for the job.

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Success story

Understanding and Support

“Challenges peaked in the middle school years,” said his mother. “Sam saw the world in a very particular way, and he needed flexible teachers and mentors. With the Asperger’s diagnosis, we understood better how to support Sam.”

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