Adolescent Day Treatment

Fraser Adolescent Disorder Day Treatment provides a combination of group therapy and skills training to adolescents. Interventions focus on building self-esteem, social interaction/communication and coping skills to enable adolescents to remain in mainstream schools. Services are delivered in small-groups with participants of similar ages. Groups meet twice a week for three hours. Family involvement is an expected component of the program.

Adolescent Day Treatment serves teens ages 13-18, and draws from a range of treatment methods to achieve individual goals. Additional services that may be available include assessments of cognitive, developmental or adaptive functioning, individual therapy, family therapy, parent/child guidance, and case management.

Locations: This program is currently offered in our Fraser Bloomington location.

For more information, contact a Fraser intake coordinator at 612-767-7222.

Success Story

Building His Skills Over Time

"It took time, it's not like in one session the world changes, but he learned skills over a few years that laid the foundation for him to build on. To see him being ready to go a big public high school that he's really fantastic."

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