ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)

Fraser ABA is a one-on-one therapy involving discrete trial and natural environment training. Fraser offers up to 40 hours per week, for children up to 7 years of age.

Autism Skills Training

Fraser Autism Skills Training improves social and behavioral functioning for the individual and their family. Autism Skills Training helps develop daily-living skills and improves interaction at home, school and in the community.

This program serves children ages 2-7 years old, identified through a diagnostic assessment by a licensed mental health professional. Skills training can be done on an individual basis with the individual and parent, with the individual and entire family, or in groups.

Behavioral Aide Services

Fraser Behavioral Aides work one-on-one with a person on the autism spectrum to improve skills and implement goals from an individual behavior plan. This helps the individual replace inappropriate skills with appropriate daily-living, social, leisure and recreational skills.

Behavioral Aide Services are intended to be a part of a larger plan of mental health services for a client’s treatment. The need for services is determined through a functional assessment. Frequency and duration of the service varies according to an individual needs, but services are meant to be temporary, helping the individual transition to using skills independently.

Licensed mental health professionals conduct the diagnostic assessment, develop individual behavior plans, and supervise the behavioral aides who provide direct services.

Care Coordination

Fraser Care Coordination services provide support, connection and referrals for families to access services through other agencies and payment systems.

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Support For Entire Families

"There are people that will impact you forever, and form a support system around your family. I would say the majority of those people we've met through Fraser."

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