Navigating Autism with MSP


Many families who have children with autism avoid flying because they are unsure how their children will respond. In an effort to ease the anxiety associated with an airport visit and flying, the Minneapolis Airport Commission (MAC), Fraser and the Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM) have teamed up to create the Navigating Autism with MSP program. The program includes several events, all designed specifically for individuals with autism, that guide families through the steps of an airport visit, from walking in the door to finding their seat on a plane.

During a Navigating Autism event, families can familiarize themselves with the airport and travel procedures. Children will practice entering the airport, obtain a security pass, go through screening at a TSA security checkpoint, and walk through the airport to a boarding gate.  To culminate their experience, children and their families will board an aircraft and find their seats (the aircraft will remain on the ground).



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Support For Entire Families

"There are people that will impact you forever, and form a support system around your family. I would say the majority of those people we've met through Fraser."

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