Support For Entire Families

"There are people that will impact you forever, and form a support system around your family. I would say the majority of those people we've met through Fraser."


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Contact information:

  General inquiries: 612-861-1688
  Client Services- to schedule or cancel outpatient services: 612-767-7222
  For more information on intake, visit our Schedule An Evaluation page.

  General Fax: 612-861-6050
  Medical Records Fax: 612-728-5301
  Administrative Address: 2400 West 64th Street, Minneapolis, MN  55423

Fraser Board of Directors

Fraser Senior Leadership:

President, Chief Executive Officer
Diane S. Cross - bio
Director of Fraser Autism Center of Excellence
Pat Pulice
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Jan Luker
Director of Pediatric Therapy
Letty Faller
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Michael Nass
Director of Fraser Mental Health
Aric Jensen
Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer
Janet Moser
Director of Fraser School
Deedee Stevens-Neal
´╗┐Vice President of Development
Joel Barker
Director of Residential Living
Lisa Zaspel
Vice President of Properties and Facilities
Dave Halsey´╗┐
Director of Home & Community Supports
Sheila Grisim
Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
Brenda Beukelman
Director of The Fraser Institute
Chris Bentley
Vice President of Clinical Quality
Shelly Brandl